The Feyspires

Every child in Galifar has heard tales of wandering cities – fey citadels that come and go whenever the story requires their presence. A shepherd following his flock through the fog, stumbles upon a glorious metropolis and falls in love with a beautiful Eladrin lady. When he leaves the city, he cannot find his way back and spends his life searching for his fey princess.

Any bard knows several variations of this tale. Recently, the source of these stories has been forced into the light. Wandering cities are real. They are the feyspires of Thelanis, the seven jewels of the Faerie’s Court. For tens of thousands of years they have passed between Eberron and Thelanis, shifting between the planar divide whenever the influence of Thelanis was at its height. Following a disasterous conflict in the Age of Giants, the fey lords employed powerful magic to cloak their cities from mortal eyes. The feyspires became places of legend, found only by chance and rarely seen twice before shifting back to the feywild.

Then came the Mourning.

Thelanis was close to Eberron when the disaster struck. The greatest of the feyspires, Shaelas Tiraleth was in the southeatern part of Cyre. Connected through their planar origin, all seven Eladrin cities were rocked with tremors the moment that dead-grey mist rolled over Shaelas Tiraleth. The ancient spells that shielded the cities from the outside world were shattered and they stood revealed for all to see.

A few of the feyspires are in remote locations. Others are closer to existing cities, however, and the inhabitants of those fey strongholds were met with suspicion and hostility. For their part, the people of the feyspires reacted with fear.

Fey Glory